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Can I use the same bag more times for a new kodipak vacuum pack machine?2021-08-02T14:36:35+08:00

Kodipak Vacuum recommends not using the same vacuum bag more than once. We believe that vacuum bags are important for both hygiene and quality. If you use a vacuum bag that is clean, without food residual or humidity, then you can reuse it.

Which is the difference between a smooth and an embossed vacuum bag?2021-08-02T14:35:13+08:00

Two bags are available to the customer. One is made of a thicker material (PA/PE), while the other is smoother and less thick. The smooth bag is only available in three grammages, while the embossed one is only available in 90 grams. The difference between these two bags is the type of machine they work with. The smooth bag is for an external suction machine, while the embossed one must be used with a chamber vacuum packaging machine.When you want to use an external vacuum in the chamber machine, it is recommended to put a bag inside of the machine. The bag should be embossed so that the air is able to be extracted. Failing to do this will result in an imperfect vacuum.

What is the payment term?2021-08-02T14:33:19+08:00

We are only accept TT. 50% deposit .The balance 50% paid before shipping. I will show testing video and pictures before shipping.

How longer can food last once it is vacuumed?2021-08-02T14:32:06+08:00

The air is suctioned out of a pouch, leaving no oxygen for bacteria to grow. This means that the food inside stays fresh much longer than with other packaging. Vacuum-sealed food lasts up to twice as long as food packaged without the technique. This is only true if you’re packing fresh food, though. After the food has been opened, vacuum packing won’t keep it fresh for as long.

Which kind of food is it possible to vacuum pack?2021-08-02T14:31:44+08:00

In order to preserve any type of food, it is best to make sure the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius. If it is warmer than this, vegetables such as potatoes, avocado, etc., will not be able to stay fresh and will ferment. Always make sure that the sealing part of the bag is dry before proceeding with the vacuum cycle.

Are you a trading company or manufacturer ?2021-08-02T14:24:08+08:00

We are a factory that began 1993. We produce a variety of vacuum-packaging machines and we specialize in the latest technology. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in our product line. All of our current customers know that we can provide them with real-time updates on our newest products and innovations.

How do I maintain my new machine if I don’t use it that often?2021-08-02T14:16:16+08:00

If you happen to live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of use from the chamber machines, it might be a good idea to clean and heat the vacuum pump periodically. To do this, please note select “gastro/pump” button on the pump.

How can I clean the machines after using?2021-08-02T14:14:29+08:00

To clean your machine, using a soft cloth and a neutral detergent. Avoid abrasive products that can damage the machine or make it dirty. Never use water directly onto the machine as it may enter the internal parts of the device and cause damage.

Can the kodipak machine is able to vacuum pack aspirate liquids?2021-08-02T14:12:58+08:00

Chamber vacuum pack machine is able be used to vacuum pack liquids. External suction vacuum machines can’t. It’s possible to preserve liquids with vacuum recipients, and the process is accomplished with kodipak chamber vacuum packaging machine.

The advantages of the Kodipak vacuum packing machine compared to the other competitors machine2021-08-02T14:12:33+08:00

Kodipak has been devoted to developing and manufacturing vacuum packing machines for 28 years. Our research has enabled us to create a variety of high performing, reliable machines that are Made in China, Made with high quality materials, and with a practical design.

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