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Machine describtion

KODIPAK automatic continuous belt type is a powerful and high efficient vacuum packaging machine for food. The machine is able to vacuum pack all sorts of meat, beef, seafood, fish, cashew nut, medicine, anything requiring tight sealing. The variety of sealing bags it can use allows for your perfect seal for each product. Operators will love this machine. It has a conveyor belt that automatically throws finished packs into a container or onto the main belt. No time is wasted! This machine will save operators a ton of time. The packer can focus on more important things instead of packing the packs. It’s an invaluable machine for increasing efficiency and cutting down on operator time.

KODIPAK continuous belt type vacuum packaging machine chamber picture (1)
KODIPAK continuous belt type vacuum packaging machine part picture

Machine technical parameter

Model KBT-1000-1  KBT-1000-2
Sealing bar 1 pc 2 pc
Sealing bar length 1000mm 1000mm
Max bag height 450mm 200mm
vacuum pump 100/160 m³/h (Germany BUSCH choice) 100/160 m³/h (Germany BUSCH chocie)
Material 304 stainless steel 304 stainless steel
Final vacuum 100pa 100pa
Power 6.5kw 6.5kw
Weight 600kg 600kg
Dimension 1900*1500*1100mm 1900*1500*1100mm

Machine chamber size picture

KBT-1000 Automatic Continuous Belt Type Vacuum Packaging Machine Chamber Size

Machine working process

KODIPAK belt type vacuum pack machine working from start to finish, the vacuum packaging machine does five things: it takes in your product, then sends it through the belt, vacuums it up, flushes the gas through it, and seals it with the lid.
put your product line- machine belt transmission →work (vacuum and gas flushing and sealing) →finally lid opening → then end product discharge

Machine features

  • This belt type vacuum packaging machine is made of full 304 stainless steel and extra thick, it can resist the test of time. And, finally, it has a perfect seal with the risk of rust.
  • The belt type vacuum packaging machine has a unique belt that can be adjusted in four different angles. That makes it easier to vacuum pack liquids.
  • Import germany BUSCH vacuum pump choice, like RARD 200A 240A  .
  • With conveyor belts, it’s easier to combine with the main belt. Automatically discharge packages by using an automatic discharge device that fits right onto a conveyor belt.
  • Machine voltage and size is able to customized by customer request.

Machine options

  • Nitrogen gas flusing function
  • Vacuum pump powder filter system
  • More big Import Germany BUSCH vacuum pump 360A .
  • Import germany BUSCH vacuum pump oil, model:VM100,specification:15L.
  • Belt type vacuum packaging machine water cooling system
  • Finally vacuum packaging cutting system

Machine packaging meat and beef sample pictures

belt type vacuum cachine pack meat picture
belt type vacuum cachine pack salmon picture

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