Why your product need vacuum packing?

In order to achieve the maximum longevity and depth of a vacuum,Using a professional vacuum pack machine is necessary. This safe and efficient device extracts air from containers, thereby extending shelf life and protecting food and non-food against external elements.

  • Vacuum packing extend shelf life.
  • Optimize storage,portion control and transport.
  • Ensure food quality and safety
  • Saving your money


About hot water shirnk pack your product.

The KODIPAK hot water dip tank shrink pack machine will help you pack your products for retailing more efficiently and looking protects your product perfectly just like a second skin. Using a shrink wrap machine with a vacuum packaging machine affords best-in-class packaging results.


Let’s vacuum skin pack your product.

When skin packs are used, packing are open easily and the product’s freshness and taste are not affected. Packaging is standardized to allow for quick and easy access, without compromising the product package’s practicality. This also makes displays more appealing to customers.

  • Vacuum skin pack extends shelf life up to 22 days
  • Fantastic visual appeal and sale easily
  • Packing open easily,very strong seal strength
  • Packs can be displayed vertically


Modified atmospheric packing (MAP) your product.

Modified atmosphere packaging is a revolutionary way to guarantee your food will taste good and remain fresh. There are three main types of gas that are typically used: carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), and oxygen (O2). The right mixture of these gases relies on the foodstuff and its properties.

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