Whats vacuum pack technology

Vacuum packing means removing air from foods to create a a vacuum environment, which improves food conservation conditions. It also increases food shelf life.

KODIPAK Vacuum Pack manufactures vacuum machines for all different kinds of applications and all kinds of customers. These machines come in different sizes and shapes with a single or double chamber.

Our machine’s prerogatives are easy of construction and use and simplicity in cleaning operations.

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The advantages of vacuum packaging for food

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Extending the shelf life of foods

A vacuum sealed bag makes the food inside much more stable, since no oxygen can get in. Without oxygen present, aerobic bacteria can’t grow, so there is less chance of food going bad. The product is not only more stable, it also lasts longer on the shelves. That means a cleaner looking store and happy customers!

Support in the controlled ripening of foodstuffs

Vacuum bags are also used to help meat and cheese products ripen. They can either slow down the process to give it more time, or they can speed it up by removing air from a bag. And by removing the air from these bags, you can prevent liquid from soaking into the food. The vacuum bag also helps meat keep its tenderness and achieve an optimal degree of ripeness in a short period of time., you can place it in a vacuum pack and the meat will be done in a few hours.
However, vacuum-packing can also be used for other purposes. For instance, it can be utilized for cheese and seafood. The use of shrink bags can reduce the juicing of meat products that happen when they’re prepackaged.

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Further sales advantages of vacuum packaging

  • Clean and easy transport
  • waste-reduced storage
  • useful and attractive sales presentation
  • individual and functional packaging at the
  • Shop counter, directly in front of the customer
  • The circular pack is a cooking technique that can help you be more efficient in the kitchen. A perfect example is meat – it’s easier to cut and prepare if the pieces are in a circular pack.

Vacuum chamber machine packaging types

Type 1 : vacuum packaging

Type 2 : hermetic seal(only for chamber belt machines)

Vacuum packing can extend the shelf life of products by slowing the biochemical degradation inside the evacuated and sealed bag. It’s a simple way to protect your product for as long as possible.

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The normal environment in some ways is detrimental to this product. This can’t be solved with regular sealing. Atmosphere is a simple and effective packaging method which can make the product impervious to external influences. Additional measures for shelf life may not be necessary.

Type 3 : shrink packaging

Type 4 : packaging with modified atmosphere(MAP)

Shrink Packaging picture

For a professional finish, shrinkable vacuum bags are your best bet. In a separate shrink unit, the already vacuumed product is soaked in hot water so that the shrink bag tightly wraps around it. Not only do they contribute to a more professional presentation, but they also reduce the amount of packaging material used.

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Maintaining a natural atmosphere in the packaging is tough to do. Luckily, MAP packaging is an option. Packages are filled with an optimized gas mixture of modified and inert gases. It helps maintain the fresh look of your product and keeps the shape intact.

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