What is modified atmosphere pack technology?

A modified atmosphere can be defined as one that is specially created by altering the natural distribution and makeup of atmospheric gases. When applied to packaging, this involves modifying or controlling the makeup of gases contained within each package to provide optimal conditions for increasing the shelf life and reducing oxidation and spoilage of perishable food and beverage products.

The atmosphere inside a MAP pack is replaced by a gas mixture appropriate for the product in order to maintain the shape, colour and freshness of the product. This modified atmosphere usually consists of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.

MAP pack beef sample pictures

Modified atmosphere pack advantage

MAP it’s a more “delicate ” technique because the air aspiration isn’t violent and don’t risk to put the product under stress. If the air evacuation is too fast it can remove some volatile substances useful to the natural scent product conservation;a quick atmosphere aspiration can also cause the evaporation of a part of the product humidity and move the fatty content on the surface;the Protective Atmosphere packaging, not only removes the air that could deteriorate the product but introduces elements (contained in the gas) that can oppose the food alteration and to its qualitative decadence.
Among the advantages of a MAP pack are the extension of the shelf life and the assurance of quality, as well as handling and transport protection of the product. When packaging food, the shelf life can be extended by the use of MAP without using food additives. Industrial and consumer goods can be protected from corrosion through the use of a modified atmosphere in the pack. In the field of medical technology, a modified atmosphere can protect sensitive medical products.

MAP application

There are many products that often utilize a modified atmosphere, such as fresh food, products containing protein, bread and baked goods, as well as certain medical and technical products.

KODIPAK tray sealers can handle different types of packaging in order to pack a wide range of products.

Type 1 : simple, hermetic sealing

Type 2 :modified atmosphere (MAP)

Tray pack technology

Packaging is not just about presenting the products on shelves. It can also be used in transit to protect the product. This may seem like a small addition, but it can solve a huge issue. A simple, cost-effective solution to this problem is package inserts that do not significantly affect shelf life.


verpackung-mitTray pack technology

Not only does modified atmosphere packaging protect food products from external influences, it also extends the product’s shelf life. The natural atmosphere within the packaging is exchanged with a product-specific modified atmosphere, and this not only protects the product from external influences but also extends the shelf life of food products.

Type 3 :compensating atmosphere (B-MAP)

MAP technology (1)

With the use of a special micro-perforated film, your fresh produce is ensured to be in a balanced atmosphere and lasts longer. Produce such as salads, fruit, and vegetables are all greatly benefited by this innovation.

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