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Machine describtion

KODIPAK vertical brick shape vacuum packaging machine is specially designed with a big chamber, Max brick pack 50kg. Which widely to brick shape pack rice, cashew, nut, etc food product, machine also suitable to liquid, solid, paste, liquid, etc non-food brick shape vacuum pack. Vacuum pack is able to confirm your product from oxidation or spoilage caused by bacterial growth, thus prolonging its shelf-life and storage time.

Vertical Big Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Chamber Picture
Vertical Big Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Nitrogen Gas Flushing

Machine technical parameter

Model KBSC-660 
Work chamber size 650*400*600mm
Sealing bar length 650mm
Sealing bar width 10mm
vacuum pump 20 m³/h,40 m³/h, Germany BUSCH R5RA 0040F
Material 304 stainless steel
Final vacuum 100pa
Power 2.5kw
Weight 450kg
Dimension 955*1010*1260mm

Machine chamber size picture

Vertical Big Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Chamber Size

Machine working process

Kodipak big chamber vacuum packaging machine by using a steel lid that cooperates with an enclosed working space. Put your pack product into machine chamber space, and the start lid is pressed down, and the machinery starts to work. After the air extraction and sealing process is completed, the lid pops up, takes out the sealed product, and then moving on vacuum packaging another product.

Brick shape vacuum packaging advantages

1.Advantage of brick shape vacuum packaging
Vacuum Packing Improves your product storage and extends shelf life,Vacuum packing makes your product can extend its shelf life last up to1 -4 years. It is an excellent way of preserving quality and quantity in your produce. It lets you sell, use, and serve it for a much longer period of time.
2.Vacuum pack keeps your product safe and fresh.
Vacuum pack prevents your product from spoiling due to oxygen and bacteria. It also prevents any biological activity that could cause the food to spoil.
3.Vacuum pack can help save you money.
Vacuum packaging keep your product fresh longer, Your product In long-distance transportation to avoid deterioration, vacuum pack are really simple to use and take up very little room in your factory.

Machine features

  • Water-proof desgin,cleaning easily.​
  • Full 304 stainless steel construction,machine rounded edges design and easy to clean. ​
  • Import Germany BUSCH R5RA 0040F vacuum pump is choice.
  • Adjust work chamber height easily, oil-free system, gas flushing unit system are all available options.
  • Machine chamber customized by your request . Is able to brick shape vacuum pack cashew nut from 0kg to 50kg (25Lbs and 50 Lbs).

Machine options

  • Nitrogen gas flusing function
  • Vacuum pump powder filter system
  • Germany BUSCH vacuum pump .
  • Import germany BUSCH vacuum pump oil, model:VM100,specification:5L.
  • Full 304 stainless steel mould for brick shape pack.

Machine packaging cashew and rice sample pictures

Machine packaging rice sample pictures
Machine packaging cashew sample pictures

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